Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Where I Go

Every day I have to have a moment where I can be alone and just think, pray or be creative.

Are you like that?

I am a mom of 3 awesome kids but how many of you know that even though you love them to pieces you have to sometimes just close the door and go to that place where you can be filled up again.

I come here.

It's my quiet place.  I come and read novels.. design magazines.. get my ideas for my clients (with a good cup of coffee in hand.  I love coffee! )

The best thing about this spot... is the view!

  Creating your own oasis isn't hard..just surround yourself with things you love!  If you love books then create your own library with some shelves!  If you love plants..hang them or place them on tables in a grouping or solitary.  If you like to be cozy put a basket near a chair with throw blankets in them and perhaps a cute pillow.  Create an environment that gives you peace and can foster creativity.

Where do you go?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I Did It!

Hi Everyone!
This has been on my mind to do for quite some time and I finally did it.

I am happy to announce my design website www.kellypelley.com

You can get to know me and meet the most important people in my life (my family).  They are truly the wind beneath my wings.  I promise not to break out into song (definitely not my gifting..lol)

Take a peek into some of my favorite projects..

Plus an area where we can connect

Thankful for my friend, Marissa, who is an amazing photographer based out of Charleston, SC.  If you are looking for an artistic photographer to capture moments .. look no further!

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