Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Now Here Is A Before And After

Good Afternoon!

I am officially done with the Byron Forest Preserve lobby and receptionist area.  I hope you like it..

This is when you would come into the space.  Behind that wall was the receptionist area.  Dated lighting..

After..space is opened.  Updated lighting and wall removed, new flooring (wood tile).  We also painted the walls a light grey and added new cedar to posts.

Before.. receptionist area that was behind the wall

After.. new appropriate lighting and wall removed.

brand new counter my husband and I designed

water feature to add calming atmosphere

 adding softness with curtains.

Before...sitting area

dated flooring, lighting and definitely not a place where anyone wants to sit and relax.

After.. Fresh paint, natural log seating, lighting, flooring, and art make the space more inviting to linger for a bit.

Custom wall art of the species you will find at the Forest Preserve..

Completely open to the receptionist area..

Before.. heading toward elevators.  Inadequate lighting and just a plain afterthought.

After.. we created an extra sitting area with brochures that you can catch up on the latest events in the area.  Lighting and a mirror were key to add more softness to this expanse space.

 No longer an afterthought..

Before.. restroom area and coat "closet"

After.. we thought it would be fun to add these cardboard taxidermy to the area where the kids hang their coats and on the way to the restrooms

I hope you enjoyed this before and after.  The Byron Forest Preserve was a joy to work with : )

Thanks for all the prayers for my family in New Jersey in the path of the storm.  They are doing well.
Please contact the American Red Cross and see what you can do to help those that are suffering through this tragic situation.  God bless.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Grand Opening

Good Afternoon!

Just recently the project that I had been working on (Byron Forest Preserve) had an open house to showcase my design.  I was so honored to be there, connect, and watch people enjoy the space.  I only have minimal pics but will be taking more in about a couple weeks for you all to see final reveal.

These were taken in the beginning of the night.  We had such a great turn out.  Thank you to the Byron Forest Preserve for putting on this event.  It was wonderful to work with them.

I am in the business of creating spaces that just make you want to linger.  If that's what you desire, email me about design services.  Thank you. : )

Monday, October 15, 2012

Are You Too Scared To Try?

Good Afternoon!

Such a gorgeous fall day here and to see all the colors of nature is just breathtaking.   Nature is not afraid to blend colors and patterns and neither should we.

I have a simple solution for you about mixing fabrics..

You can find an underlying theme throughout each of the fabrics, for ex. it's that tan/gold color in each.  Then you can find fabrics that you love to coordinate with that.  
1.  I found the solid color..neutral and would go with everything.

2.  Then I fell in love with the paisley fabric and I added in two other colors (white and grey)

3.  The last fabric caught my eye..loved the fun print by Jonathon Adler by Kravet.  Now even though the greys are not exact and the gold-ish tan doesn't do an exact copy it's still in the same family.  It works.

In a room they would have different uses but it all goes together.

Check this out..

Using the same steps as above is how these fabrics came together.  I love the gradual incline to bolder prints.  A statement for sure in a space .. stunning.

I sure hope this has helped you to take more risks.  

Hope your day is full of adventure : )

So excited for Chamber of Commerce dinner showcasing the remodel of the Byron Forest Preserve.  I am so proud of how my design has turned out.  I promise to take lots of pics.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Just Faux It

Good Afternoon!
With the cool weather permanently set in I have gone gaga over faux fur.

Just looking at it makes you feel warm.

Let's translate that into your interiors...after all we want our company to feel cozy when they come in from a cold day.

simply put a throw on a sofa

On your bed..

and in my home..on my wicker chairs and
got another one ordered for the foot of my bed..can't wait.

Stay warm and have a great week : )

Monday, October 1, 2012

Cozy Bedroom

Good Morning!

This morning when I woke up I felt that noticeable chill in the air and snuggled deeper into my blankets.  Yes, fall is here and it got me thinking about cozy, warm bedrooms.

Warm colors, wood, and fur..what else do you need : )

Here's a sneak peek into my bedroom and oh, how I love the color..

You can tell which side of the bed we sleep on..lol

Picking the blogging back up again was on vacation for the past 2 weeks and loved every minute of it : )

Hope your mornings are toasty warm.

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