Monday, October 15, 2012

Are You Too Scared To Try?

Good Afternoon!

Such a gorgeous fall day here and to see all the colors of nature is just breathtaking.   Nature is not afraid to blend colors and patterns and neither should we.

I have a simple solution for you about mixing fabrics..

You can find an underlying theme throughout each of the fabrics, for ex. it's that tan/gold color in each.  Then you can find fabrics that you love to coordinate with that.  
1.  I found the solid color..neutral and would go with everything.

2.  Then I fell in love with the paisley fabric and I added in two other colors (white and grey)

3.  The last fabric caught my eye..loved the fun print by Jonathon Adler by Kravet.  Now even though the greys are not exact and the gold-ish tan doesn't do an exact copy it's still in the same family.  It works.

In a room they would have different uses but it all goes together.

Check this out..

Using the same steps as above is how these fabrics came together.  I love the gradual incline to bolder prints.  A statement for sure in a space .. stunning.

I sure hope this has helped you to take more risks.  

Hope your day is full of adventure : )

So excited for Chamber of Commerce dinner showcasing the remodel of the Byron Forest Preserve.  I am so proud of how my design has turned out.  I promise to take lots of pics.


  1. Great mix of patterns. I love the paisley fabric. I have it in my kitchen.

  2. Thank you, Brandi, for your comment and stopping by. Yes, I love the paisley too and it's making a huge comeback : )


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