Friday, August 31, 2012

Ready For The Change

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day Weekend is like announcing the changing of the guard..summer is coming to a close and fall is on the way.  I don't know about you but I am so ready for the change.  I love all four seasons but I feel like I have been in a forever summer and I am pretty much done.  The extreme heat has mostly kept us inside and we really didn't get a chance to enjoy the season.

I wanted to share some pics with you that might get you a little anxious for autumn to arrive : )

Are you ready?  I am : )

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wood Tile

Good Afternoon!  It has been awhile since I wrote..this has been an incredibly busy time for me but I have missed you all dearly.  

I am so happy that the floors are looking amazing.  The installation is going well at the Byron Forest Preserve.  We went with a tile that has a wood grain look to it without being literal as with a wood plank tile.  This would be a great alternative to those of you who want a wood look for a basement but might be concerned "if" you would have a water issue.  It is stunning and everyone who has seen it likes it.

 The posts have been stripped down and are getting prepared for new cedar wrapping.

 We have the new curved counter top (skeleton) being put up.  Clutter is gone and you really get the sense of space this place has.

All the painting has been done (Behr Paint)
I am so excited to see the first pendant light to go up : )

I was so excited for my last little one to have his first day at school.  He was so excited.  There is nothing like seeing your kids come into their own.  I am in the middle of other design projects (which I love) and trying to get my bedroom at least painted and one of my nightstands some TLC, while being a full time Mom and wife.  One thing I have to say is I wouldn't trade all this for anything.  Hope you guys have a great weekend : )

One more thing..if you don't know about my project at the Byron Forest Preserve you can read the whole process here:

Friday, August 24, 2012

What I am Crushing On Right Now

Good Afternoon!
I was out the other day at an antiques mall and I saw these..

When I saw heart began to sing as if I were in a musical from a long time ago.  This has started my obsession with black, white, and gold.


I love the elegance and the boldness.

I do have other rooms in my house that are not done..hmmm.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Teacher's Lounge

Good Afternoon.
I have just wrapped up Rockford Sharefest.  I must say that it challenges me because you run into issues along the way that you thought you could make happen but you can't.  I then have to figure out what can be edited and creative solutions to still bring a wow factor to the space.  
I went with a farmhouse theme because of the nature and location of the school.
We went with picnic style tables we had built by a volunteer.  They came out beautiful!  My friend, Becky, who is co-owner with her husband of Benchmark flooring had these wonderful vinyl tiles.  I thought it would be great to have these go on the tables.  It just gives an unexpected punch and it also becomes a piece of art.

 The flooring which was from Benchmark ..I absolutely love.  I wanted that green so you think of grass and to add a nice blue border to add a calm quality to the carpet tiles.

 Becky came up with the design on how to make the tables..awesome : )

 Love the antique crates.  A step back in time and adds to the informal atmosphere.

 Added lanterns and the flea market chairs we got from Sharestuff.  I had them all painted a robins egg blue.  Thanks to Tammy for finding them all for me : )

Painted the chalkboard black (we have them on both sides of the room).  Added grass cloth to the cork boards on either side.

My daughter drew the horse with chalk..

Table top

 Here she is today finishing up.  I asked her to draw a rooster on the opposite chalkboard.  I wanted the teachers to be able to have art to look at wherever they chose to sit.

 The finished product..

It was such a great project to work on and I hope the teachers really enjoy it : )

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Patching And Building

Good Afternoon!
There have been major decisions made concerning the Byron Forest Preserve.  I decided to go with this..

This carpet is made to handle snow, dirt, etc.. and will be adhered to the floor as soon as you walk through a small entry way into the building.  This works better than a mat because you can replace the carpet tiles that have gotten worn over time.

Here is my decision for the granite..
I love this color.  Since we are dealing with a forest preserve these colors call out the richness that you would see outdoors, very earthy.

Went into Chicago for this..
Yes, art for the space!  I am a true believer in go big or don't even try.  This picture brings me into the simplistic beauty of nature.

So while I was out and about doing what I love ( major work was going on at the building.

Old lighting had been removed.  I have a hate for fluorescent lighting.  It never makes a space or anyone look any better.  Do you see the space in between those double doors?  That's where that carpet will go. 

Down the hallway that leads to bathrooms, kids mudroom and vending machine.
Old tile taken up : )  No more Burger King tile.

This is another hallway and it goes to elevators.

Here is the receptionist area.  A complete difference to how it was before.  The counter that my husband and I designed is being built.  As you can see the holes for the recessed lighting are getting ready to be put in.

You can read about the process thus far in Out With The Old and Demolition Gotta Love It.

I was just at the school I was volunteering with Sharefest and saw the table top I had designed for the teachers lounge.  Here it is..

Easily wipeable (vinyl).  So excited.  It made my heart glad to hear from the teachers how much they like it.  

Well, I hope you have a great rest of the day.  I am off to organize my bedroom.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Tree Chairs

Good Afternoon!

I recently came upon this picture on the internet..

a Tree Chair.  This is definitely for those who want to take going green to a new level.  The tree serves as shade, ornamental seating.  I personally think it's brilliant.  If you want more info.  check out Pooktre.

For those who want that organic style in the house but with a twist check these out 

I know the chair looks to be uncomfortable but I would put a small sheepskin rug on it.

You can use these chairs in whatever your style is. 


What do you think of tree chairs?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's About Time!

Good Morning!  Today there is a video shoot at my house which is exciting.  It keeps me motivated to keep getting my house done.

This is my master bedroom ( I am embarrassed to say) with the grandma border.  I have lived with that for 4yrs.  No one wants grandma in their master bedroom!  Don't you agree?

This was my inspiration color..

You can read more about it here.. Bedroom Color

I have already begun the process and can't wait for the immediate transformation.  Painting is only the beginning : )

Monday, August 6, 2012

Garden Escape

Good Afternoon!

I love beautiful gardens.  They bring peace when you just need that break from reality : )

I took my kids the other day to a beautiful garden here in town..

 I have just gone to heaven..I would so love to someday have a garden like this.  The stone entryway is stunning.

 The pergola and the stone together..need I say more

 Plants that grow effortlessly..

A dog and

children running free.  Until that day comes when I get my garden I will just come here and dream : )

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Demolition..Gotta Love It

How is everyone?  It has been awhile.  I have been working on the Byron Forest Preserve remodel and things are coming along.  You can see the before pics and read about the project here.

One of the best parts of the transformation is the demolition.  It gives a sneak peek into what the final product will be.  This is the entry..
 Walls were removed.  No more "Burger King" tile..that's what my husband calls it.  Btw..I have "Burger King" tile in my kitchen.  I will rejoice the day that is gone.  Ok, I need to focus ; )

 Through the entryway.  Columns were stripped down and they will be wrapped with cedar.

 Hallway to restrooms.

 Receptionist area..
I can not wait for the finished product.  I am like a kid in the candy store : )

I have had my family here for the past week and it has been so awesome.  They came at a great time and were able to be here for my son's birthday.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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