Monday, August 6, 2012

Garden Escape

Good Afternoon!

I love beautiful gardens.  They bring peace when you just need that break from reality : )

I took my kids the other day to a beautiful garden here in town..

 I have just gone to heaven..I would so love to someday have a garden like this.  The stone entryway is stunning.

 The pergola and the stone together..need I say more

 Plants that grow effortlessly..

A dog and

children running free.  Until that day comes when I get my garden I will just come here and dream : )


  1. Ahhhh Kelly,
    Your blog lay out looks beautifully refreshing. Awesome photos, fantastic crisp background...stunning ! You rock !! You have done a GREAT JOB !!!!
    Big love,
    Lynne xx

  2. Oh, Lynne! What an awesome complement! I just got my new logo and will be putting that up excited : ) You are an inspiration


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