Monday, August 13, 2012

Tree Chairs

Good Afternoon!

I recently came upon this picture on the internet..

a Tree Chair.  This is definitely for those who want to take going green to a new level.  The tree serves as shade, ornamental seating.  I personally think it's brilliant.  If you want more info.  check out Pooktre.

For those who want that organic style in the house but with a twist check these out 

I know the chair looks to be uncomfortable but I would put a small sheepskin rug on it.

You can use these chairs in whatever your style is. 


What do you think of tree chairs?


  1. A garden chair is a good outdoor furniture which proves itself useful when you want to spend some quality time as near to the nature as possible. They are comfortable and let you enjoy the environment near you with ease.

    Wood Table

  2. I love tree chairs. they create a natural impression if being placed in garden of home or any picnic place. I like the delight chair most as it is built in the shape of chocolate. All other designs are amazing and can be used in different places.


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