Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wood Tile

Good Afternoon!  It has been awhile since I wrote..this has been an incredibly busy time for me but I have missed you all dearly.  

I am so happy that the floors are looking amazing.  The installation is going well at the Byron Forest Preserve.  We went with a tile that has a wood grain look to it without being literal as with a wood plank tile.  This would be a great alternative to those of you who want a wood look for a basement but might be concerned "if" you would have a water issue.  It is stunning and everyone who has seen it likes it.

 The posts have been stripped down and are getting prepared for new cedar wrapping.

 We have the new curved counter top (skeleton) being put up.  Clutter is gone and you really get the sense of space this place has.

All the painting has been done (Behr Paint)
I am so excited to see the first pendant light to go up : )

I was so excited for my last little one to have his first day at school.  He was so excited.  There is nothing like seeing your kids come into their own.  I am in the middle of other design projects (which I love) and trying to get my bedroom at least painted and one of my nightstands some TLC, while being a full time Mom and wife.  One thing I have to say is I wouldn't trade all this for anything.  Hope you guys have a great weekend : )

One more thing..if you don't know about my project at the Byron Forest Preserve you can read the whole process here:

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