Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Teacher's Lounge

Good Afternoon.
I have just wrapped up Rockford Sharefest.  I must say that it challenges me because you run into issues along the way that you thought you could make happen but you can't.  I then have to figure out what can be edited and creative solutions to still bring a wow factor to the space.  
I went with a farmhouse theme because of the nature and location of the school.
We went with picnic style tables we had built by a volunteer.  They came out beautiful!  My friend, Becky, who is co-owner with her husband of Benchmark flooring had these wonderful vinyl tiles.  I thought it would be great to have these go on the tables.  It just gives an unexpected punch and it also becomes a piece of art.

 The flooring which was from Benchmark ..I absolutely love.  I wanted that green so you think of grass and to add a nice blue border to add a calm quality to the carpet tiles.

 Becky came up with the design on how to make the tables..awesome : )

 Love the antique crates.  A step back in time and adds to the informal atmosphere.

 Added lanterns and the flea market chairs we got from Sharestuff.  I had them all painted a robins egg blue.  Thanks to Tammy for finding them all for me : )

Painted the chalkboard black (we have them on both sides of the room).  Added grass cloth to the cork boards on either side.

My daughter drew the horse with chalk..

Table top

 Here she is today finishing up.  I asked her to draw a rooster on the opposite chalkboard.  I wanted the teachers to be able to have art to look at wherever they chose to sit.

 The finished product..

It was such a great project to work on and I hope the teachers really enjoy it : )


  1. Wow! Great job Kelly! Looks funky, relaxing and inviting all at the same time. Good job to Destiny too! Fantastic drawings to add a whole other fun element!

  2. AWESOME! Looks like a lot of work went into this. Love the tables - what a fabulous idea. And the eclectic chairs are fun - can't you see the teachers each having a favorite. And oh my. Can your daughter ever draw!!! Amazing!


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