Thursday, August 16, 2012

Patching And Building

Good Afternoon!
There have been major decisions made concerning the Byron Forest Preserve.  I decided to go with this..

This carpet is made to handle snow, dirt, etc.. and will be adhered to the floor as soon as you walk through a small entry way into the building.  This works better than a mat because you can replace the carpet tiles that have gotten worn over time.

Here is my decision for the granite..
I love this color.  Since we are dealing with a forest preserve these colors call out the richness that you would see outdoors, very earthy.

Went into Chicago for this..
Yes, art for the space!  I am a true believer in go big or don't even try.  This picture brings me into the simplistic beauty of nature.

So while I was out and about doing what I love ( major work was going on at the building.

Old lighting had been removed.  I have a hate for fluorescent lighting.  It never makes a space or anyone look any better.  Do you see the space in between those double doors?  That's where that carpet will go. 

Down the hallway that leads to bathrooms, kids mudroom and vending machine.
Old tile taken up : )  No more Burger King tile.

This is another hallway and it goes to elevators.

Here is the receptionist area.  A complete difference to how it was before.  The counter that my husband and I designed is being built.  As you can see the holes for the recessed lighting are getting ready to be put in.

You can read about the process thus far in Out With The Old and Demolition Gotta Love It.

I was just at the school I was volunteering with Sharefest and saw the table top I had designed for the teachers lounge.  Here it is..

Easily wipeable (vinyl).  So excited.  It made my heart glad to hear from the teachers how much they like it.  

Well, I hope you have a great rest of the day.  I am off to organize my bedroom.


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  2. WOW. I cannot wait to see the after pics!

  3. Thanks! I am anxious to see it done too, Jessica.

    Thank you, WLCI, for the complement : )

  4. What??? You mean Brown Burger King Tile is out??? When did this happen? :) Your work is lovely! Going to be AWESOME when it's all finished and put together.


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