Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Grand Opening

Good Afternoon!

Just recently the project that I had been working on (Byron Forest Preserve) had an open house to showcase my design.  I was so honored to be there, connect, and watch people enjoy the space.  I only have minimal pics but will be taking more in about a couple weeks for you all to see final reveal.

These were taken in the beginning of the night.  We had such a great turn out.  Thank you to the Byron Forest Preserve for putting on this event.  It was wonderful to work with them.

I am in the business of creating spaces that just make you want to linger.  If that's what you desire, email me about design services.  Thank you. : )


  1. Congratulations! Looks beautiful!


  2. Oh wow. WOW! Sooo beautiful and serene. You have done an incredible job - so proud of you!!

  3. Congratulations to a very talented woman......with a big heart! I couldn't be happier!!!! Beautiful Space!
    Cindy Ridolfino
    Square Peg Round Hole

  4. Congratulations to a very talented woman with a great big heart! So happy for you! I wish you much success......It's such a beautiful space!!

  5. man, this is so cool, Kelly! tearing it up! good for you! much love, girlie....

  6. Thank you guys so much for your sweet comments! You are all awesome!


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