Monday, January 17, 2011

Can It Be: Family Room Part 2

I haven't updated on the family room in awhile. If you remember my husband put down gorgeous hickory flooring because I couldn't stand the ugly, stained beige carpet.

I was so happy! If you know me once one project is done another one needs to get started. Don't you feel sorry for my husband ; )

I hate to be cold. I really believe I was made for the tropics but I live in the midwest where our winters can be quite harsh. So, I wanted a woodstove. Of course it was very expensive to buy one but I told my husband to just tile and get it ready anyway. Maybe it's like the movie Field of Dreams.."If you build it they will come" lol.

Prepping begins...

My husband, Corey and our friend Curt are taking on the task.

I was going to originally use this slate tile for our fireplace in our living room but thought it would look better in our family room instead.

Hard at work..hey, where's Corey?

And here is the finished product! We outlined the tile with oak (my hubby's idea). I will let you know later about my wish for a woodstove.

Would love to hear about your renovations and share with me pics too. Have a great rest of the week.


  1. Love your floors....always a project...your blog is beautiful...I will add you to my blog...blessings to you..julie

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment ;)


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