Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Trip To Chicago: Restoration Hardware

Happy Friday all!  The word "Friday" sounds so good..doesn't it?
I was supposed to have a guest blogger here today but we decided to switch because their schedule got so I promise you will be hearing from them soon : )
I am continuing our trip to one of the stores I drool over all the time.. Restoration Hardware.  I have to say the one in Lincoln Park is my favorite.  You actually feel like you are walking through their catalogue.

We took a lot of pics but here is just a taste : )

It was more beautiful in person than in the magazine.  I also didn't realize how much volume the pieces had.  I have in mind a couple of pieces for my own home...hmm

If you ever have a chance to go make a trip to the Lincoln Park won't want to leave.

Happy Mother's Day! 

Here's a pic of my beautiful mom and dad on their wedding day.


  1. Happy Mother's Day. Walking through furniture store is my hobby =) Thanks for sharing those pics. visiting u from theblogfrog
    P/s: Four Superfoods That Make You Lose Weight Fast

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you as well : ) I am always going to different places for inspiration and a new find for my own home. Will check you out as well. Thank you for visiting.

  3. LOVE this picture of your parents. Look how beautiful your mother is!


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