Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Every Home Needs One Of These

Good Morning!

I love to entertain.  Nothing makes me happier when my house is filled with people enjoying themselves and having a good time.
One of the things I truly believe is that every home should have a bar station or a bar (serving) cart.  I have been working with several clients that love to host and this really makes people feel welcome and want to stay awhile.

Now if you can't do a built in perhaps a bar cart would work..

 or bar cabinet

These are great even for those who don't like to drink.  You can serve tea or refreshing drinks and non-alcoholic beverages.  
The glistening of the glass bottles and some bite sized foods will cause people to relax and enjoy themselves.

Would you consider having one in your home?

It was 63 degrees here yesterday and today we practically have a blizzard.  What is seriously going on with this weather?


  1. LOL! I was just going to ask what your sweet Southern Baptist Teetotaler friends supposed to do and then I saw your response. :) Love this post - totally agree!
    Also? The weather is WACK! While I may live in the south, I don't usually open my windows for fresh air in JANUARY!!

    1. Well, I want everyone to have one. Got to make it work (LOL)
      Yesterday was 63 and I was loving the fresh air and today I just want to snuggle by a fire. I should be grateful for the little break of cold. So good to have you stop by ;)


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