Monday, June 21, 2010

Passion Finds You

I am passionate about my husband of 11yrs. Truly God's gift to me. He is so full of life and gives his all to his music and songwriting. I am passionate about my children. They bring me joy and laughter...full of imagination and limits don't exist with them.

Unlike my husband and children who have passions that truly represent them as individuals, I was searching for mine. Little did I know it was residing in me all along.

I remember growing up in New Jersey, not having a lot of money and my mom would buy things for our home at resale stores. Even if it was one small item she would rearrange a whole room as if to make the existing items celebrate the welcoming newcomer. Of course, my mother would always enlist my help for these projects : )

Fast forward to about 20yrs later - I began teaching a class helping to rebuild hurting women's lives. I loved seeing how the women had changed from being so discouraged with their current condition to finding purpose in the midst of their pain. What others had discounted as individuals who had no value and watch them become contributing members in their family and society is an amazing transformation.

It was shortly after that i began my addiction to HGTV (lol). It began to ignite what had already existed.

I love design! I am PASSIONATE about it. I love taking a room that is "the ugly duckling" and making it into "the swan".

I am thankful to my mother who began the process of teaching me and laying the foundation.
I am grateful to those women I taught and who in turn taught me that value and harmony can come out of chaos.
My PASSION is for those reading is for you to become truly engaged with your spaces. Creating beauty is truly not as hard as you think. Lets take the limits off together and use our imaginations just like our kids do. : )

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  1. I decided to start reading back through your blog archive. I'm nerdy that way. :) And is that mama? Precious!


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