Friday, June 25, 2010

Where Am I ?

I am in a hurry! I have an appointment.

Where did I put those keys?

Where is that receipt? The paper I wrote that phone number on?

AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!! The frustration!!

I know the frustration...I feel your pain. Sometimes we live in clutter because we have lost that sense of control. Things in life aren't going the way we want it to go. Maybe our lives are too busy - too chaotic and it translates into our spaces.

Your home should be your safe place. Your home should be your sanctuary. A place where you can feel refreshed and renewed. It can help change your outlook and lift your mood.

How can I do this? Take a room that can be the place where you want tranquility and begin to declutter that space. Get rid of things that could be bogging that space down. When those items are removed you will begin to feel better....relief : )

Begin to look at the room and think about what would bring you peace and relaxation. Start to incorporate these elements. These are the things I added to my own sanctuary.

As you fall in love with that space it will begin to translate into the rest of your home.

Where am I? That taunting game of not only your keys, papers, etc... ask you but you asking yourself that question will stop because you and your space will have a connection.

Welcome to your sanctuary!
Have a happy weekend all : )

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