Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gourd-geous Orchard

It was such a beautiful fall day and knowing the weather here would be changing soon we had to go to the orchard. The kids were so excited.

They probably had a hundred mums lining the walkway..vibrant with color.

Inside the store they sold so many kinds of jams and salad dressings that you wanted to try them all : ) . As we looked around we saw some cool things..

I am in love with these firepots!! I have one outside on my table and usually the gel lasts for about a 3hr burn time. So cool or should I say so hot : )

These pumpkins are made out of velvet, really nice when the light hits it.

This was amazing! Gourds that were shaped like swans! Loved them.

The apple gourd came home with me : ) I couldn't resist.


  1. These are great pictures, looks like y'all had a fun filled day at the orchard. You have music on here now.....can I say LOVE IT!!

  2. Thanks! They really did have a good time :) Glad you like the music also. Hope you have a great day :)


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