Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas : Neighborhood Get Together

Can I just say I love where I live! We have been living in our home for about 2 1/2yrs and we've said hello to our neighbors in passing but have never really had a conversation with them. While out training for the "couch to 5k" my neighbor came up and gave us an invitation to their house for a neighborhood get together. He said that since more people have moved into the area it would be nice to get to know each other.
When we got there I was completely taken up with their home. So beautiful! I tried to take pics with the phone camera (which just let me know that I really need to buy a good camera..hmm) but not all of them came out since it was dimly lit. I will share with you the ones that did..

I loved how they used the cheetah print ribbon with the traditional aspects in the roping going up their staircase.

Table for hors d'oeuvres .. simple, rustic elegance.

Dessert table (more cheetah print).

And there is my handsome husband! can click on the pics to see them better : )

We had a wonderful time! Maybe this will inspire some of you to have a Christmas open house in your neighborhood. Thanks so much Jeff and Jane.

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  1. Love it! I have always wanted to have one of those progressive dinners in my neighborhood..where you go to one house for an appetizer, than walk across the street for the main course and then next door for coffee and dessert…what a great way to get to know people!


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