Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Is Here - Thatch Has To Go!

I am so glad that you all get to hear from my husband, Corey today.  We had a little adventure this past week that he would like to share with some tips along the way.

Spring Is Here - Thatch Has To Go
By Corey Pelley

Spring is here and it's time to pick up where we left off in the fall with our lawns right?  Wait a minute; we didn’t do anything with our lawn last year. As a matter of fact, there were weeds and crab grass all through our lawn before the snow came.

This is exactly how many lawns will look again by mid summer, but not yours! Here’s why: you can begin the process of getting the lawn-you-love by first and simply removing thatch. That’s right, thatch. Its dead grass that begins to build up year after year if you don’t remove it each spring and it will soon prohibit new grass from growing and leave you with a weed filled yard.
Thatch can be removed with a traditional gravel rake

or an efficient thatch rake.

The difference is the latter removes more at a time. We have a large yard and rented a power rake for $30. About the cost of a thatch rake.

The best way to remove thatch is to criss-cross the lawn. Start in one direction row-by-row work your way across. Next do the same thing criss-crossing your previous direction.

Once thatch has been removed it will soon pile up like hay.

This can turn into a great time if you have kids or family that jump in and load each others bags and wheel barrels making an afternoon full of fun and exercise together. That’s what we did.

With spring rain sure to come your exposed green shoots will soon grow and look better than they have in years.

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