Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pretty Packaging

I love walls! What a way to make a statement in a room when they are packaged. Yes, packaged... with wallpaper."Wallpaper?!" I see the bead of sweat starting to form on that forehead but hear me out. This isn't your grandmother's wallpaper that has these ungodly bright floral prints

or the splash of watercolor from the 80's.

Horrible isn't it? (Can you believe that is in my house? It's going trust me. )

Check these out instead...

How cute is this?! This would be great for a teens room where they can have their friends sign their names in the already made frames or put pictures in them and can change them out when they want. Not only for a teens room but what about a family room? Great for all those family photos. To get more info..http://stylecrave.com/2009-02-23/the-family-wallpapers-by-lisa-bengtsson/

This replicates a forest and adds a feeling of openness in a basement area. Basements don't need to feel like a basement. The 2 stools give the illusion as if you are sitting in a state park taking in the views. Simply lovely.

Elegant. Nothing says richness than tasteful shimmer and subtle pattern.

I hope I have peaked interest or even changed your mind about the "revised" wallpaper. : ) All I can say is, "you've come a long way, baby."


  1. LOVE the framed one!! How cute is that?? I don't know if I will ever do wallpaper having stripped it from so many walls...but...you might be onto something! :)

  2. Great ideas Kelly! I love the frames for a teens room. I may just do that.

  3. My mother HAS the white on white pattern in the entry way of her home...but it's gotta be 30 years old! Stayed there so long it's back "in". haha.

  4. jackie, it is awesome. i really think that would look hot in your kids room. rachel, hahaha now that makes less work for your mom. do you think my wallpaper would come back in style..lol .. j/k


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