Sunday, September 26, 2010

Welcome Fall

I love fall!! The air is so crisp and the colors on the trees are so vibrant. It is absolutely beautiful! Now how can we bring that beauty from the outside in? Well, here are a few ideas...

All you have to do is cut some of your favorite fall flowers put a little bit of water on the plate and arrange them on your table. Simple and dramatic.

If there is one thing everyone knows about me is how much I love candles. I will definitely be doing this in my house. Go to Wal-Mart , Hobby Lobby or Michael's and buy some cylinder vases and wrap either with contact paper or just some pretty writing paper (glue the edges). Use some twine and get some fall leaves outdoors...or little sticks and wrap them and you got a new candle holder. How cool would that look on a mantle or a ledge by the window (as in the pic).

How adorable are these? My kids and I were at a neighbors house this past week picking up tons of pine cones off of their property. This will be a great craft for us to do. You need pine cones, artificial grass, sticks and some glue. Love this!!! A country modern take on
a topiary.

Pumpkin organic. Take the top off and clean the inside of the pumpkin. Next put a small vase with water and flowers and insert inside the pumpkin. So cool.

Here is something I did for a dinner benefit.

The shiny pumpkins I sprayed with a metallic Rust-oleum. The white pumpkins were not naturally white...I hand painted them white (could not find white pumpkins anywhere) and took leaves from outside and used mod podge (gloss) on the leaves and the whole pumpkin.

Welcome to fall, everyone!! I hope you feel inspired and share with me some of your autumn ideas...would love to hear them.

(thanks to and midwest living)


  1. My only idea right now is to stay upright and not fall over! I haven't been able to do any fall decorating and I hate that!! :( They are painting our rental house right now and it's a creamy color now... would look great with several pumpkins on the front porch and out by the garage, don't you think? :) Love your ideas!!

  2. i understand!!! do you like the color of your house now? pumpkins and candlelight outside would be so pretty : )


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