Monday, January 16, 2012

Showing Some Love Today

Good Morning!
My mornings always start late and it's because I go to bed at ungodly hours.  Today, however, I am not feeling too good.  I have this dang TMJ issue..if anyone has dealt with this I would love some advice : )

So since my brain isn't all there (scary) I thought I would share with you one of my favorite blogs.

Jessica always has fresh takes on design and I get a lot of my inspiration from her.  She is not afraid to challenge our thinking and push us beyond the limits of the box mentality.

So go check her out..I guarantee you will not be disappointed : )


  1. You're so sweet, Kelly! Thank you! I feel you with the TMJ. I even got braces to try to re-align the jaw, which was supposed to prevent grinding, but it didn't work. I just use a store-bought nite guard now, which at least protets my teeth.

  2. Hey sweetie, I tagged you in my post this weekend. Come on by and check the rules to the game. Happy Weekend,

    Lisa x


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