Friday, February 10, 2012

About The Break...

 Good Afternoon!
Hoping everyone is having a great day!

I want to thank Julie from Rumbles and Roars (blog) and Jessica from The Aestate for giving me a much needed break.  I am so grateful that they stepped up to help me when I was in a hard place.  I love you guys and thank you.  That's what I love about blogging and the relationships that you becomes like family.

I want to share with you all what happened ..
My dad was rushed into the hospital at the end of January for a severe infection.  They did surgery and things seemed to be turning around but they almost lost him.  That was when I called on these ladies and not only did they come through but they were a rock for me.

We drove from the Chicago area and arrived in New Jersey
(going through Pennsylvania)

My dad was stable. Thank God!
(hospital with my dad)

It has taken some time but he is finally home.  Not completely out of the woods yet but we can see the sunshine through the trees.  I am still here being as much a help as I can.
(my kids and my mother)  Can you believe she is 79?  I hope I can look like that when I am that age  : )

So, if you ever think of me say a prayer for my dad..would appreciate it.  Also, if you haven't started following The Aestate and Rumbles and Roars I highly suggest you put them in your blogroll.  Not only are their blogs awesome but they are truly good people.

P.S.  I will also be sharing here later some goodies I have found when I am out and about doing errands for my family here in Jersey.

Wishing you all much love and health!


  1. Oh, Kelly. You are too, too kind. :) Sending you lots of love and hugs. The picture of your mom (who is beautiful!) and babies is fantastic. Definitely keep us posted on you and your dad and your sweet family.

  2. Oh Kelly! I'm sorry. I didn't know. I'll be praying for your father's quick and healthy recovery. Let me know if I can help you with anything on the IL front. Sending you love and prayers.

    Beautiful picture of your mom. She is lovely!!

  3. Kelly, you really are the sweetest! I'm so glad to hear everything is going much better, and am so glad to have been able to help in any way! xoxo


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