Monday, April 30, 2012

Boy's Room

Good Morning!

 How are you enjoying this Monday?

I am excited because this week the pre-bid meeting for the contractors will be happening on a commercial design job I will be doing.  More on that later : )

With our busy schedule and coming up with design solutions for our wonderful clients I can't forget about our house and the tlc that it needs : )

In an earlier post you can see the before pictures of my son's room.  It was important for me to have his input..after all it's his room and he needs to be happy.  Now I will say..I still need to get his bedding.  Those blankets are just there for the time being.
The carpet I won from Shadow Mountain from a giveaway on Facebook.  They were just at High Point Spring Market.

My son told me he loved blue and that's what he got : )

He likes to spend time outside with Daddy doing rugged activities so the lantern was a must and it makes for a great night light.

Captain America is his favorite.  The painting with the red and orange he created and wanted it hung in his room.  The picture above is a painting from Newfoundland where my husband is from.

Another love of his..dogs.

Football is another big thing .. quality time we all spend together.  Chicago Bears,  have to support the home team and ..

the Philadelphia Eagles from where I grew up : )
 the little train my daughter made for him.

Now onto prepping my laundry room for paint.

Hope your week is full of beauty : )


  1. Love it! I think it's so important to take their ideas into make it their own little dens! :) BTW, you do know that the High Point Furniture Market is about 30 minutes from my house, right? :) Hint, hint...

  2. it really? When is it?

  3. Love! And can't wait to hear more about this big project you've got in the works...

  4. Check it out, chica:


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