Thursday, April 26, 2012

KBIS Show and Some Familiar Faces

 Good afternoon!
 Yesterday I was at the KBIS Show in Chicago and it was so much fun!

I met up with some awesome bloggers and interior design experts..thanks to Twitter.  Why?  Well, we all scheduled this meet up from there.  Thank God all I had to do was drive while most of them flew in.  These ladies are awesome and you all should follow them..will have their info at the end of my post ; )

There was so much to see and not enough time in my day..

Love these bikes..especially the one that's made out of walnut.  So sweet!

 How about some shine in your space?

 I was really taken aback when we came to a section called the "UNCONTAINED"
This area really showed the different phases of life that we go through and how design meets all of our needs in these stages.
 And this is what this home looks like..

 All of these spaces were made from storage cool would this be to put a space like this on your property?

 For the couple who has busy careers and a new marriage..who love to cook together.
Here is that space..

 Families who want to spend time together..and starter homes

 I love the cork walls.  I really want to do this in my home.  Natural and simple.

The next UNCONTAINED container is how do we deal in design bringing in the older generation into our homes.  There is an answer..

 Weren't those containers amazing?

Here is something else that caught my eye..

 Yes, that is fire.  So many amazing things and my mind was going a million miles a minute.

As I was walking with my friend, Lynne (awesome blogger and interior designer) I noticed someone.  I decided to go up to her just to make sure..

Yep, it was Emily Henderson!  Design Star winner and host of Secrets From A Stylist.  She was so much fun to talk to.  She had me laughing so hard but those pictures I won't share.  I think I looked like a
Not only did I see her but the group of ladies and I met up with ..
Eric Stromer from "OVER YOUR HEAD" on Hgtv.  This guy is really hilarious and a joy to listen to in the session.  Loved meeting up with these gals.  
Here is their twitter handle from left to right ~




and none other than Robin Siegerman who is the author of Renovation Bootcamp:Kitchen.  I ordered the book : ) 
I was asked to do an interview about my whole experience.  I was so nervous.  If any of the tape gets used I will let you all know : )

Love Chicago and even though I live close I don't get in there enough.

I love this city!

The best way to end my day was to go to dinner with my family..
The end to a most perfect day!

Thank you, Lynne for everything!



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