Monday, July 23, 2012

Some Vintage Scores

Good Afternoon!

I love a good garage sale and I have now got my daughter hooked as well.  We were on our way to the grocery store and we saw a sale going on.  I was doing my best to look away but she said, "Let's just take a look. "  Well, if you insist.

So here are her finds..
She got this for a $1 (I still have to take the orange tag off).  The frame was in rough shape so we sprayed it down with a silver metallic paint.  
This picture will go great with this..
 The candle sconce from Zgallerie still had the original price tag on it $25.  Yep, and we scored it for $4.  I am proud of my girl.  She can't wait til we hang up her finds in her room.

This is what I walked away with..

The paint on the legs were brown and chipped pretty badly.  This little stool ($8) needed some love.  Gave it a fresh start with some red.  I love it.

Then for me my ultimate find..

This was my Hallelujah moment.  Angels were singing and I made it mine ($8).  So for the total of scores equals to $21.  Yep, a real good day.

Do you enjoy going garage sale hunting?  What have been your most recent finds?

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