Monday, March 18, 2013

Spray Jewelry

Good Afternoon!

My sweet daughter, who I might add is the most giving person I know, two years ago took me into Charming Charlie's and bought me a ring.

(this is her a long time ago)

It meant so much to me that she would do this but as time went on the ring began to fade

I love this ring so I wanted to keep it and not throw it away..
So, I decided to spray paint it.

 I covered up the gem with painter's tape but I should have done it with packing tape instead.

Spray it on

 Here it is.  I just need to touch up around the rim where the faux diamond is but it's as good as new.

 My daughter and I are both happy.

We are getting more snow here today.  I believe the groundhog played a trick on us this year.  Is it warm where you're at?



  1. Wow!! Would have NEVER thought to do this. Looks good as new. How sweet of your daughter :)

    1. I know! She is always thinking of someone else :)


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