Tuesday, March 12, 2013

White And Gold

Good Morning!

I was out doing errands several days ago and the sun was shining really bright and we had just gotten a huge batch of snow (not a good combination).  My eyes were just burning and tearing.  I made my way to the store and picked up these awesome sunglasses.

Love the look of these white and gold frames.  
Not overly done with the gold but just the right amount of balance. 
I am really happy that the sun and snow were blinding me now..lol.
Let's look at some white and gold inspired interiors and accessories for your home.

Gold doesn't have to be gaudy. When it's used it can be a beautiful accent that will warm and add some elegance to the space.


  1. I am just as obsessed with white and gold as the next girl. Adore all these images. I just bought a few gold things in the last few days. Super fun!! That last sink is AMAZING.

  2. Love all the pictures! That mirror against the black/white wall paper looks sooo beautiful!!


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