Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Paint It Black

I want to officially welcome, Liz Kapp to Modern Earth Design.  She is a singer songwriter, world traveler who does many humanitarian efforts and not only that, but she is a wife and a mother of three.  I am proud to call her friend.  You will enjoy her stories, as only she can tell them, and be inspired for your own life and creativity.

HOPE ( A lesson in Patience) ~ Liz Kapp

Since I was a baby my mother has carried this unattractive family Hope Chest from state to state. She’s even stored it when we’ve lived out of the country. Since I’ve been married and had our three kids, I honestly had forgotten it was still around until my mom had it put on the moving truck with us to Washington State, three months ago.

Old, dingy, and a ridiculous color of pink, I had hope in this chest!
My husband seriously was not thrilled about the idea, but I just knew I could make something I loved out of this piece of furniture. Paint it black and it would look great in our living room as a coffee table. Simple.

I bought four cans of semi-gloss black furniture spray paint for just 12 dollars, and couldn’t wait to get started. There was only one problem; the cold and rain kept me from getting outdoors and we don’t have a garage at our new place. I ended up just leaving it in the living room (pink and all) to keep me motivated.

So I Waited...

Shannon (my husband) and I were not really seeing eye to eye over something at the time, and later while at work I began getting these surprise pictures texted to me…..

Our disagreement quickly ended.
Shannon obviously found Hope in this cedar chest too! (or he was Hoping not to look at it anymore while he was sleeping on the couch!)

There it was! Finished! Shiny and looking brand new! I loved it.

It now sits in the middle of our living room on display as a reminder for me to Hope.

EVERYTHING has beauty and EVERYONE has greatness.
HOPE in them both.


  1. I love it Liz! And I love your new rug too! Looks great together. Love & miss you girl.

  2. I love it too. I'm contemplating doing something similar with Mom's old sewing machine cabinet - I just blogged about it a day or two ago. My oldest sister has my Mom's hope chest. I have my own hope chest, of course, one of the first pieces of furniture I bought when I moved into my own apartment. I had the top finished to remedy some wear and tear, but I hope it is eventually handed down to my daughter.

  3. @S would love to see your project as well. Please contact me and maybe we can post your diy project.


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