Monday, March 21, 2011

Sleeping On Air

I have been taken up  - no pun intended : )  with these..

Hanging Beds.

I personally think it would be fun and so unconventional to have.  I guess there is that fear that they could come crashing


Maybe on a porch?

By far my favorite..thinking if I can talk my husband into this one..hmm

What do you think?  Would you attempt something like this in your home?

BTW.. if you are interested in making your own LOWE'S can help...


  1. I like the third pic. It has a simple cabin feel. I see there is another bed opposite the one in the pic. I love the blinds as well. As for your fav, go for it!!

  2. wow that last one is incredible! that would be so much fun :)


  3. Yes, I love that last one : ) your site and decided to follow.


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