Monday, June 6, 2011

A Refreshing Drink With Friends

I haven't been on here for a week and how I missed all of you.  Last week was very busy.  I hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend.  I know we did and I want to share a little bit with you.

We started off our day going on a boat ride with our friends Steve and Lyndsey

The river was choppy and I was doing my best to be composed

didn't want to scare the little guy : )

My husband was brave and went tubing.

The water was icy and not to mention Steve was behind the wheel.

The good news is we made it through...what a relief!  We headed over to their house to grill and for some relaxation.

I was happy to see Lyndsey's mom, Julie there.  Lyndsey kept raving about her mom's mojito and I was there to watch her make it.

Julie's Mojito
1. A packet of mint leaves (save some for garnish)

2.  2 cups at least of fresh squeezed lime juice & add sugar (approx. 1/2 cup or more) until it tastes good

3.  muddle it all together
4.  pour into your pitcher

5.  add club soda

6.  add some ginger ale

 7.  add about a cup of rum (not required ... if you don't want any liquor)

8.  mix it all together...garnish and enjoy

Thanks to Julie!  It was so refreshing that I will be making this at my next get together.

Have a great week all.

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