Friday, August 19, 2011

Can It Be? : Dining Room

Hello everyone!  I hope your week has been a good one.  We have been busy here chopping up the tree in the backyard that fell and stacking it for this winter.  Two of my kids were sick so I had my other daughter help me stack wood and did we get a workout.  : )

I wanted to continue on our "Can It Be" series.  Just in case you are new here this series is all about what seemed to be rooms with no potential and if they can be beautiful again.  My husband and I bought a 1950's home that was a fixer upper and we are putting some love back into it.  Is it a tedious process?  Yes!  But anything that's worth something means you have to put your time into it to see it blossom.

Do you remember how we put hickory flooring in our family room?

There's my awesome husband!  He did it all himself..what a man : )

We ended up doing the same thing for our dining room.  It just made the spaces between the rooms flow instead of it being choppy.

We used Behr paint and a venetian plaster for the chocolate walls.  We wanted a cozy feel to the room.  I love the fact that you can separate the dining room off from the family room space for sound control but still keep an eye on the kids through the french doors.  

When we bought this home we only had enough furniture for our family room and 2 bedrooms.  So we had a lot of filling up to do.

Here is the table we bought that was custom made and dining chairs we bought from Slumberland.

I was trying out the dining room this way to see if I liked the use of space.  Hmm...not so sure.  Will keep you posted ; )

Have a great weekend all.


  1. The floor is gorgeous. Way to go Kelly's husband.

  2. Thank you, Shannon. He is a great help to me : )

  3. The floor really is beautiful, and I love the dark brown wall.

  4. Thank you @ Mamafog. Hoping you are having a wonderful day with your daughter ; )


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