Friday, August 5, 2011

Could You Live Like This? and a side note..

Yea!  I am so glad it's Friday not for the obvious reasons that it's the beginning of the weekend but my husband comes back today after being in Newfoundland, Canada for the past 10 days.  Why was he there?  Good question..that's where he is from.  I will have to share with you some of his pictures and you will be taken away by the beauty of this place.

Speaking of places, my sister sent me this video of a guy who is living in the smallest square footage I have seen.  It's in New York, which I am very familiar with but have never witnessed personally a place this small.

Here is the video link - NY small apartment.  
The guy has such a positive attitude.

One more thing I would like to share.  Since I have been blogging I have come across some really great people, one of them is Jules from Rumbles & Roars.  She has such a great sense of humor and life seems to be such an adventure.  Her writing style is so relatable.  I encourage you to go check her out : )  Also check out the shout out she gave Modern Earth Design here.

Well, I truly hope your day turns out to be as great as mine will be here shortly.  
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I hope YOU have a great weekend! And enjoy the hubs being home!

  2. Thank you and the same to you! I was so glad to see him. : )


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