Friday, August 26, 2011

Design=Passionate People : Tasha Goss of Barefruit Co.

Have I mentioned how much I love Twitter?  Well, just in case you didn't know..I do : )  I have come across some really cool people who are designing their life.  I have been doing a series on Modern Earth Design about passionate people who are not just letting life happen to them but making life into what it can be.  

I want to introduce you to Tasha Goss of Barefruit Company

I came across her when she gave me a sweet shout out on Twitter.  

I went to her site..

and found she sells organic products that she makes and I knew I had to try some.  May I add they are incredible!

 The perfume doesn't cause any itching on my sensitive skin
My daughter who was getting severe dry patches on her arm were being moisturized by the Body Butter

I wanted to get to know her and felt that you all could be inspired as well.  I was so honored that she agreed to an interview...

1.  Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Tasha, and I am a web and graphic designer. I recently stepped
out in faith and followed my dreams of starting my own business, which is
an organic skin care company. I love all things vintage and I am in love
with creating. I enjoy cooking, photography, thrifting and making crafts
with my hands.

2.  I find it interesting the journey that leads people to make certain
decisions in life.  What was the defining factor that caused you to create
your product line?

I absolutely LOVE all things that smell yummy. Body butters, body sprays,
candles, scented oils, body washes, you name it! I was a product junky for
years, stocking up on TONS of products, just because I loved they way they
smelled. I would purchase a body butter from another company/store and of
course, it would smell fantastic but, I would notice that about mid day,
my skin would be dry and I would have to reapply the product. This became
very expensive! I even began mixing other body butters with vaseline, to
make them thicker and last longer. I later found that vaseline isn't good
for the skin. I had to find another alternative. I began reading the
ingredients of each product that I loved and used. I couldn't pronounce
most of the ingredients, so I began to research them, one by one. I then
realized that most of their ingredients were man made chemicals, often
cancer causing agents such as parabens, and they weren't good for the hair
or skin. I became determined to find a way to make a body butter that
smelled great, and moisturized the skin. This was the start of Barefruit.
3.  What makes your products different from all the other organic products
that are out there?
Barefruit offers customizable products. If you have eczema, psoriasis, or
any other skin condition, you have the option to select additional organic
additives that will be added to your product of choice. You can also
select your own fragrance. Each order is handmade and made with top
quality certified organic ingredients.

4.  I have tried a couple of your products and am in love.  I am sensitive
to perfumes when applied on my neck area.  I usually get red, itchy
blotches.  After having seen what your body butter did for my daughter I
tried the perfume on my neck and did NOT break out.  Could you tell me why
your products seem to not cause adverse reactions?  What could be in other
perfumes that can cause reactions like that?

Its hard to say what factors can cause allergic skin reactions. I have had
a lot of my customers, that have very sensitive skin, use my products.
They were all delighted that they had finally found an organic product
that smelled great, and that they could use. I do use manmade fragrances
in my products. My products themselves, do not contain ANY other manmade
ingredients that may be foreign to the body when absorbed into the skin.
Other products that may not use an abundance of organic ingredients use
additives that are man made. The additives may appear on the ingredients
list as one item such as methylchloroisothiazolinone.

I am going to use methylchloroisothiazolinone  as an example.
Methylchloroisothiazolinone is a preservative and is a synthetic
ingredient. Its compound contains tons of other chemical agents.
Methylchloroisothiazolinone is also used in paint and glue! In high
concentrations, it can be a skin irritant and cause chemical burns. This
is just one example of the many ingredients that are used in our everyday
hair and skin care products. We do not use these ingredients with our
products, making the chance of a skin irritation unlikely. The ratio of
organic ingredients to our fragrance that we use is 10 to 0.50. Only a
very small about of the fragrance is used, which also reduces the
likelyhood for skin irritations. We also do not use any synthetic dyes. We
are exploring this option and will stay with all natural extracts and
clays to achieve this.
5.  I believe that we design or create the life we want to live.  How are
you doing that and how does your business play into it?
I love to create. I love to design. I also enjoy providing something of
quality to others and seeing their reactions to it. To me it's a win-win.
I believe that I was created for this. Without Barefruit, I couldn't
imagine feeling fulfilled. Many people wake up everyday, miserable, going
to a job that they hate. I have been blessed to be able to wake up
everyday and do what I love....and thats create. Barefruit has been one of
my platforms.
6.  Do you have any advice for other people who are desiring to make a
difference by creating their own business?

Yes! Plan, plan, and plan some more! If you have a vision, write it down!
Write what kind of business you want to have, who your customers will be,
what products or services you will offer, and where you want your business
to be in 10 years.

Always aim high. Research similar companies in that industry that are
successful on a large scale.  Think of them as your competitors. Watch
what they do, and how they market.

Make sure that all of your legalities such as trademarks, name
registrations, etc are a top priority!

Don't allow yourself to become comfortable at any level of success. This
will help you to always be on the prowl for the next step of your

There will be lots of mountains and many, many valleys! When those valley
seasons come, don't focus on what's going on around you. Instead, shift
your focus to prepare yourself for the next mountain.

Mistakes don't equal failure. Think of them as overcome obstacles that you
have learned from!

Thank you so much Tasha for your love of life and your drive for your business.  It's because of this we can take the fruit of what you have produced and our lives are better for it.

Go check her out via twitter..!/barefruitco & the website Barefruit Co.

Have a wonderful weekend and our prayers are with everyone on the east coast.


  1. Really interesting! And aren't her labels fantastic?

  2. She is one awesome lady! Her labels are Fantastic! Her products are too. I am almost out of the Body Butter and will have to reorder.


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