Friday, August 12, 2011

What A Mess!

It's been a wonderful week here with the visit of my brother and niece.  My kids haven't seen her in years and the surprise on their face when they came in was priceless.

Not too long ago I wrote about our tree falling in my post Random Friday.  Here is what it looked like before the storm.

That's the tree.  I didn't capture how tall it was in this was 40ft tall.  

Here is what it looked like after the storm.
It broke at the base and was caught up in the surrounding trees.  I waited for my husband, Corey, to get back home from his trip to Canada to deal with this situation.  If not taken down right it could destroy our shed.

He started taking the tree down by sawing off the outside limb.  I was scared because he was up in the tree w/out a harness.  To be honest this kind of excitement is not my cup of tea.  Side Note:  Please take all precaution when cutting down trees or leave them to a professional.

The after..
Corey got the tree down without damage to the shed but part of the tree did fall into our neighbors yard with damage to the fence and having taken down a small tree of theirs.  I guess we have a ton of clean up to do.  I am happy to say that no one got hurt as I wipe the sweat off my brow..WHEW!

I hope your weekend is a little less eventful.. LOL.

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  1. Now you have some cool stumps to make something with. Garden stools, side tables, ...? Glad the tree didn't damage your house.

  2. I know...there are so many possibilities : )
    I am glad as well and that my husband didn't fall out of the tree while cutting it down. : )


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