Monday, November 21, 2011

A Thankful Heart

This is the time of year where we stop and take a look around us and take inventory of our blessings.

I know I write a blog about decor and our renovations for our home but today I want to go a little deeper.

This past year for my family has been a trying one where you felt like you were drowning but we also saw people come alongside as angels.

My husband  a little over a year ago had no work, like so many in this economy.  We were in a place where for us we had to trust God.  It was hard because we had 3 little ones.

Even during those hard times somehow, someway our needs were met.

For our family this situation made us stronger.  It could have torn us apart but we made the choice (it always comes down to that) to make it through together.

I am grateful to Heartland Community Church for walking with us and now my husband is the music director there.

As I sit at the table this Thanksgiving...
I look at the blessing of my children

 I look at the blessing of my husband who refused to quit

 The blessing of all the wonderful people who helped us this past year
and most of all to be able to reach out to the HAND that is so much bigger than our own.

And for all of you I wish you nothing but the fullness of this Holiday.  
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving : )


  1. Nanny & Poppy PelleyNovember 22, 2011 at 10:42 AM

    ......We are so proud of you Kelly and Love Your Positive and Wise Perspective on proud to be your in-laws, wish you Corey and the Children an awesome Thanksgiving ...!!! We are blessed to be spending Thanksgiving with you guys.... Nanny & Poppy Pelley !!!

  2. Girl, your children are soooo cutie pie! I am especially thankful this season for new friends like YOU! :) xoxoxo!


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