Monday, December 5, 2011

My Family Room (Christmas Tour)

 Good Morning!
Have you seen the commercial by Hallmark of the little girl counting down to Christmas?  Just in case you haven't I just have to share with you : )

I love this time of year and I want to share with you how we have prepared our family room with a little mini tour...
This leads down to our basement area..
 View of the family room..
If you look closely you can see my husband grilling (making us breakfast)

Hope you enjoyed this mini tour of our family room.   Are you all done decorating your homes?


  1. Awww, it's so beautiful Kelly! Great job! :D I really haven't even begun... Jack's 1st birthday is tomorrow- so we are holding out a little until that's over. We did get a tiny charlie brownish tree this last night - hee! Thanks for posting girl!

    ;) Autumn

  2. Thanks, Autumn! I am planning in the future to get new sofas and tables. I have had them since we got married. The little chair I love and will keep and reupholster.
    Happy Birthday, Jack! That is so awesome he was born during a time of celebration : )
    Love Charlie Brown Christmas Tree..I might just have to get one.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Are you serious? You already have that many wrapped gifts under the tree??? How do you do that? I love to see how different people decorate for Christmas and how it reflects THEM! And where do those steps lead? I'm dying to know!

  4. Girl, those presents were from my husband's side of the family. Hahahaha! But don't hate me I just got finished with my gifts though and they are now under the tree : )
    Those steps lead to our basement that will someday get finished. It is a disaster right now. I have been working on cleaning out one of the rooms down there.


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