Monday, June 25, 2012

If You Want Statement Furniture..This Is It

Good Afternoon!

About a month ago I was in Chicago with one of my friends and I had to hit up one of my favorite stores

Here are some of my favorites..
 This sofa, which is extremely comfortable, speaks.  To me it has the right amount of funk, power and a touch of a tailored look.  I just have to point out the red die for.

 This light is not just organically beautiful but casts amazing shadows on the walls.  Adds depth.

 These illuminated planters are stunning.  Wonderful for a porch or around a swimming pool : )

I have not been able to get this chandelier out of my head.  This would be perfect in a smaller version over my dining table.  Definitely an investment piece.

What's catching your eye lately?  Any statement pieces?  

Thinking about everyone in the path of the fires in Colorado.  Our prayers are with you.


  1. I love the sofa. I think it is so comfortable and I like it's color match with that illuminated planters.

  2. Yes, Ina, it's one of my favorites. When I have my official office space I want something like that in there : ) Thank you for your comment.


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