Monday, June 4, 2012

Need Storage?

Good Morning!

Storage.. we all need more of it!  Especially for those of us who have kids it seems like our homes can quickly get out of control.  (cough..yep, that's me)

I am on a kick to make my home more functional and not just focus on making it beautiful.  I wish I could be like those people who don't have a lot of stuff but I do and I need to manage it all.
 If you don't have enough cabinetry or closet space .. what about open shelving?




(Living Well by Donovan)

What do you think about open shelving?

Last night was so beautiful.  My husband and I stayed up real late burning off some limbs he took off the trees.  Bonfire and tea..simply awesome!

One More Thing..
My friend Jessica from The Aestate is having an awesome giveaway.  Go check it out : )

Have an awesome Monday!

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