Friday, June 22, 2012

Not The Reveal But Pretty Close..

Good Morning!

On my last blog post  I was saying how my husband said one of my favorite things.  We picked up some goodies..
I had some people guess and say it could be a shelf we were making..
This has been on my list for at least 2yrs.
All I can say is Thank God for a man who is handy.
He cranked these out in a couple hours..and this is what we were up to : )
 We are making cornices for my laundry room..
(Yes, I still have to scrape the windows.  Don't pay that any mind..haha)
 breakfast nook

 and kitchen

I cleverly cropped out the mess in my kitchen. LOL
The result of being busy but I am not complaining : )
Here is what they look like from the back end.
My husband did them his way but here are great directions from the DIY Network .

I am not finished.  I have to wrap them yet but a huge step forward : )

I am very excited to be working on a logo and branding for Modern Earth Design.  I have been working with the amazing Sara Axelson, who is a guru in this area.  I can't wait to show everyone when completed.

Have a wonderful weekend : )

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