Monday, September 24, 2012

Have You Been Here?

Good Morning!

Hope your weekend was wonderful : )
This past weekend I took some time out with my husband in the city that I love, Chicago.

Sitting back after we just arrived..

The beautiful lake.  One day I will have to go sailing : )

 Being from the east coast and going to the shore almost every weekend seeing this makes me feel at home.

 My husband and I went to this awesome breakfast place called Ina's.  If you are ever in the Chicago area you must go here.  Did I say MUST : )

The atmosphere feels like you came home.  Amazing food.  No cell phones or tv noise allowed in the place.. it creates an environment where conversation is encouraged.  

My husband and I got the salmon cakes with Ina's potatoes and eggs.  Delicious. 

So, go see Ina.  You will be glad you did.
Have a great week everyone

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