Thursday, September 13, 2012

What About This For Your Ceiling?

Good Morning!

I am in love with mirrored ceilings right now.  

Several years ago I went to an open house (home for sale) and when I walked into the master bedroom..the whole ceiling was mirrored and the walls.  It gave me the creeps and needless to say that house is still on the market.

That's not what I am talking about.  You can have mirrored ceilings but it be done tastefully..just don't do it in the bedroom..ahem.

I love the antique mirrored ceiling in this dining room.  If I had an enclosed one I would so be doing this.  It raises the ceiling height and reflects more light into the space.  I also love the use of the navy (blue is the new black) and the crispness of the white adds such class.


For those who like rustic and raw..the beamed ceiling with the mirrors simply gorgeous.  Could totally see this at a beach house.

If putting in a full installation is a little overwhelming for you..what about a sunburst mirror centered in the room?  I think it would add so much character.  This I definitely can do.  : )

I am so excited..I am going to be getting my hair done.  It has been such a long process in finding the right hairstylist after the one I went to for years left to move to Miami.  I have been in search for at least the last 5yrs.  I believe I found my replacement. 

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