Monday, September 3, 2012

Staging A Home For Sale

Happy Labor Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day!  

I wanted to share a home I recently helped to stage for selling..we all like before and afters.  The before pics are from when they had put the house on the market prior to the recent update we did. 

Living sorry for the grainy pics.

living room looking in from the front door

dining room that is off to the left from front entry



eat in breakfast area

The rooms we focused on were the living room, dining room, kitchen, breakfast area, master bedroom and bathroom.

Living Room
As you can see decluttering was a must.  You can really get a sense of how big the space is.  We kept her existing furniture and just bought some lamps and put the mirror on the opposite wall to make the room feel bigger when you walked in.

Another view.

From the staircase
Dining Room.  No more red paint.  We put the table in a different new chairs for the head sides of the table, curtains, mirror, pendants, art, and centerpiece.  Most of all decluttering : )

Brightened up the kitchen..removed the light with the fan.  No one wants a fan over an eating area inside.  Your food will get cold.  New chandelier, curtains and plates on the wall lends to an informal eating area.

Kitchen lighter and doesn't feel so drab.
New carpet for bedroom

Painted tile surround around tub and art for the walls.

If you would like to see more of this house go here..


  1. Great JOB Kelly !! It is bright and light and beautiful !!
    Lynne xx

  2. Thanks, Lynne! It really needed to be simplified so a buyer can see themself there : )


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