Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Closet Overflow

Has this ever happened to you?

Someone is coming to your house, unexpectedly (like in an hour), and your place is a mess!  You go through the house and do the quick clean - shoving everything in a closet.  They come over - you enjoy their company.  Share stories, laugh, eat, drink.
You say your goodbyes.

Then, a similar situation happens again.
You do the quick clean and put more items in the closet.  You're beginning to run out of space because what you had put in there is still there.

The cycle goes on until the closet can't close anymore.
Then we look for other closets to hide our stuff.

Sooner or later what was put in the closet has to be dealt with.

Isn't that just like our lives?

We go and keep putting things in "closets" or "compartments" in our heart and say, "I'll take care of that later."

We put away our hurts, we shove down our disappointments, we hide our pain, etc.  we keep piling them up on top of each other but, as long as we can still close the door, we think we're doing fine.

Keep putting the smile on.
Keep going through the motions.

Until one day the door won't close anymore and the "stuff" begins to spillover into other areas of our lives.

Have you been there?
I know I have.

Since the beginning of this year, I have been going through areas of my home and getting rid of things.

One drawer
One closet
At a time

It's a symbolic gesture of cleaning out my heart, as well.  Getting rid of layers of stuff.

One prayer
One forgiveness
One healing 
At a time

Difficult, yes.
But, not impossible.

I've been ready.

Are you ready -
To clean out your "closet"?

What do you need to finally let go?
What is taking up unnecessary space in your life?

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