Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Miracle

This past weekend was Easter but it was also my daughter's birthday!

I started thinking about her and the miracle she is..

When I was pregnant I knew there was something wrong
You know what I am talking about, Moms?  Our knower just kicks in..this pregnacy was different than my first.

I kept my fear inside and didn't share except to God in my prayers.

One day I woke up and told my husband that I think I needed to go to the hospital to get checked.
They ran their tests and were about to send me home when one doctor said to try a different exam.  There was no amniotic fluid and rushed me to have an emergency c-section.

I was so scared
Scared for my little girl

The rest of that night is a blur
bits and pieces in my memory

I saw her several hours later with that little face poking through her swaddle.  Flat face with a small button nose and large dark eyes..
I immediately felt to protect her..
My husband telling someone to pray that the doctors were concerned.

She didn't look like a normal baby but was beautiful
Ear closed up
One leg bowed
Flat faced
No neck
But she was mine!

The doctor kept doing test upon test on her until there was no place else to cut on her little feet.
5 days..
5 days of being told she would never be like her older sister
5 days of being told I needed to face reality

There was something inside that wouldn't let me settle for that.
I prayed.  Her Dad prayed.
We brought her home.

I looked at my little angel.
She was so good.
Slept through the night and was never fussy.

and then
we started to see a miracle

the ear that once was closed opened
the neck that wasn't was
the flat face began to take shape

but those beautiful eyes never went anywhere

I remember taking her to visit my OB/GYN and he cried (literally) saying this couldn't be the baby he delivered.
Then my husband and I took her to the geneticist @ 2yrs of age and she was in shock.  My daughter was writing on a chalkboard and playing games..everything they said she wouldn't be able to do.

Now my sweetheart celebrated her birthday the big 13!  Oh my!  What a privilege it has been being her mother.  Watching this miracle grow into a young woman. 

It's wonderful to look back and see the good that has happened in your life.  She is my reminder that there is 'Nothing that is impossible for God'...even when it looks like there is :)

What are some of your moments? 


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