Thursday, April 2, 2015

Designing Life

I have been thinking about "Design" for the past several months and what that means to me personally and to Modern Earth Design.

I do love creating beautiful spaces and all the layers it takes to make that happen.  It's a passion that I get lost in and won't ever get tired of.

However, I just don't want a great designed home I want a designed life.  Living not on accident or by default but on purpose.  I want my talents and life experiences to enrich the lives of others.

So, my blog is going to take a different turn and I am excited about it!

Yes, I will still be discussing interiors and latest projects but I will also be talking about life and what I am doing in "Designing Life".  Maybe along my journey you will be able to use something for your own.

Welcome to Modern Earth Design
"Designing Life"

Side Note..There will be changes taking place to the look of the blog over the next couple months

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