Monday, February 7, 2011

Can It Be: Family Room Part 3

Several weeks ago I wrote about the slate floor we added in hopes for a woodburning stove.

Came out so good!
I knew at the time we didn't have the finances to plop down on one like this.. (look at the price tag)

So.. I was just hoping and praying.

My husband comes home and says I have a surprise for you in the car.  Hmmm.. I was so curious and ran outside.  Look what I found in the trunk!

I was like how?  Was there some trick up his sleeve?!  
The story goes like this.  He knew I wanted one so bad and kept looking around and comparing prices. He ended up going on Craigslist and found a company in town that was having a going out of business sale.  This was the only one left.  We got it for..are you ready...drum roll please...$350.  Yes!  A Napoleon brand spanking new stove!  God really does answer prayer and cares that I don't like to be cold : )

I have a great husband who didn't stop looking for me and wanted me to be happy.  Boy am I lucky ; )

I will write more later on the installation.

Check out Napoleon fireplaces for yourself.  Love mine.

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