Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ode To The Blizzard

Ode to a Blizzard

by Tom Disch

O! wonderful for weight and whiteness!
       Ideology whose absolutes
               Are always proven right
                      By white and then
               More white and white again,
       Winning the same argument year
After year by making the opposition
As you all know we have been under the biggest blizzard probably ever recorded.  We received 13.9 in here and boy do we have cleanup to do.

With all this white snow made me think about white rooms..crisp and bright. 

This is beautiful!  It's with the calming color of will see pink in decor everywhere.

Love this..makes me think of spring with the green carpet.

Well, with all this white around I hope all of you stay warm and safe.

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