Friday, September 23, 2011

Demolition Part 1

Good Morning!  Today we are having a bonfire and have about 50 people coming.  It's going to be so much fun.  Will have to share some pics with you all : )

On Monday I shared about our dilemma in our basement that you can check out here.
The drain cleaner worked for a little bit but we were right back into water issues. 
Now we are into the fun part..demo.  I really wanted to get the root of the problem fixed asap because of the damage the water has been causing.

Here is Corey giving a tip on how to penetrate the concrete floor safely.

Look at what we discovered to be our problem..

We are into it now..

Will let you all know how this process goes : )


  1. Oh my - that does NOT sound good. Listen to your sweet little voice! And listen to how smart the hubs's like he's talking a whole other language! :)

  2. Jules, you are the only one who has ever said I have a sweet little voice..hahaha. Sometimes when people call they think I am a joke!! I think Corey should be an actor..hahaha.

    The good thing is we have finally diagnosed the problem and now progress can be made: )


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