Monday, September 19, 2011

Rising Water

Hoping this Monday so far is all you hoped it would be (quote from the Mamas and the

We have had some excitement here.  Our basement every time it rained would flood and the smell...well, let's not get into that.

This is minor compared to what we usually deal with it.  It has been so bad where it will cover 25% of my basement area.  Can I just say with big capital letters GROSS!

My hero husband comes to the rescue again: )

Can I say how much I love Shop-Vac!

We ended up putting a drain cleaner down the pipe to see if that would work.

Will keep you all posted to let you know...


  1. Ugh! Our basement does that, too! Every time we get a substantial rain. It's super annoying because we really need our basement space since our house is so small. I hope your drain cleaner does the trick.

  2. It does suck, Rachel. I hope your situation gets straightened away. Will be writing more on this subject : )


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