Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Tips

Good Morning!  I was up early this morning because my husband and son are going to be filmed today and I had to get the little man prepared.  I am still a little bit sleepy.. I think I might just grab a coffee.

Are you all looking forward to this weekend?  Labor Day weekend is usually the last hurrah of summer so here are some tips to help you enjoy it.

Do as much as you can to plan ahead of time so there is no pressure when your guests arrive : )

image source here

We all don't like it when bugs try to come near our food.  Try using flower pots to cover your plates.

image source & info here

You can also use clay flowerpot saucers as serving dishes..

image source and info here

Make your tablescape natural and functional..

image and info here

But most of all my biggest tip - Have lots of fun!!  Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend : )

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  1. Ummmm, excuse me??? Filmed for what??? Are y'all FAMOUS PEOPLE??? :)


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